As of 2017, 50 years ago, The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. visited University of Wisconsin UW-Marathon County (UWMC) in 1967 at the behest of the SGA (Student Government Association).  “Dr. King spoke to a packed house of students, staff, and community members – such a large crowd it had to be moved into the Youth Building in the adjacent county park.” -Dr. Keith Montgomery, Dean & Regional Executive Officer.

“He spoke of social justice and of the Vietnam War. One additional element of the speech that is remarkable is the vocal trace, which starts very small and increases with perfect regularity through the entire 7.5 minutes to the climax: his control was amazing”, states Montgomery.

As I listened, I was profoundly moved by King’s words which could have easily been a speech targeting in part the challenges that the U.S. faces today.  In the coming days I’ll post photos from Dr. King’s visit to UWMC.


Here is the audio recording of Dr. King’s speech.

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